Our doll MARINA LA LA, 100% Swiss made, is an ideal gift for holidays and anniversaries.

Our handcrafted dolls are inspired by the Steiner pedagogy, which promotes a harmonious development of the child and takes his natural needs into account in the discovery of creative and imaginary games. In this philosophy, the universe of tactile sensations of the child is of crucial importance for its discovery of the world around it. This doll should be the familiar of your toddler and an object that marks his childhood memories.

That's why our rag dolls are made from soft materials that feel soft and comfortable.

All raw materials like Swiss wool, linen and cotton are 100% natural. Sewn by hand, the fabrics are composed without glue or chemicals. The interior of our doll is made exclusively from Swiss wool and its heart contains a small bouquet of alpine plants that radiate a subtle scent of the Swiss mountains.

In order for the child to be able to personalize his companion according to his wishes, each doll is accompanied by a small Marina La La Puppen clothing set.

Each of our dolls is a unique piece. It takes several working days to complete all the steps to the finished product.


Are you looking for a gift idea?

This doll is an ideal gift idea for grandparents and friends who want to delight with a gift of very beautiful design. Our doll can become the best friend of children for beautiful days and beautiful starry nights !


The manufactering details of the doll

The manufacturing details of our doll are of first-class quality and really impeccable. It is handmade in the Valley of the Dolls in an authentic Swiss mountain village with much love.



Doll 100 %  SWISS MADE

It is completely made by hand. Particular attention is paid to the selection of products that come exclusively from Switzerland.

Our products for the design of our dolls are all absolutely natural and come from a typical Swiss wool farm.